Holiday Fun

Christmas Castle

This magical castle at the Global Winter Wonderland is sure to spark your imagination. Complete with deer and angels, this castle is sure to enchant anyone who sees it.

Candy House

The sumptuous and colorful candy house and ginger bread man bring visitors to a world full of sweets and joy. Who doesn’t love candy?


Santa Claus and his sleigh of reindeer driving through the night skies to deliver gifts embody holiday symbols that practically every Christmas loving kid has grown up with.

Holiday Train

A holiday train full of gifts exemplify the spirit, generosity, and joy of giving at Christmas.

Christmas Snowman

The snowman has become an iconic symbol of not only the holiday season, but of the entire winter season. Snowman decorations, ornaments, crafts, dishware, toys and even clothing and jewelry have become more popular than ever. The image of the snowman invokes a feeling of happiness, simplicity, and joy…a magical reminder of the simple pleasures of childhood.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree, a symbol of holiday tradition, festivity and celebration, is stunningly represented in this colorful and gorgeous lantern.

Holiday Channel

These amazing lanterns make the tunnel a form of expression, shaping a colorful, dazzling, magnificent carved vision of light.

Christmas Candy Cane

The origin of the candy cane goes back over 350 years, when candy-makers were making hard sugar sticks. The original candy was straight and completely white in color. Clergy men in Europe started handing out candy canes during Christmas services and it eventually spread to America.